We care about your health

All along your life, your mouth and the diferents estructures in it suffer chemical and phisical agressions as a result of the ordinary and fisiological process. Your lifestyle, hygiene routines, acquired diseases also contributes to damage different parts of the mouth.

It is in the adult stage of life where dentistry is increasingly important, since it allows dealing with problems that occur and prevent other larger pathologies that can manifest in the elderly. During this period not only the aesthetic appearance of the mouth becomes more important but a good chewing to facilitate good digestions is also associated with optimal health.

In our clinic we address the treatment of oral pathology in full, considering and assessing the possible structural and biological implications attached. The therapeutic approach is performed after explaining what kind of disease the patient suffers and agreeing with him/her, the best treatment option, while respecting ethical and professional standards of the profession.

Although all preventive treatments are the most important therapeutic option, endodontics and periodontics can treat and save damaged typical on this stage of dental structures´s life. However, it is sometimes necessary to perform a more complex treatment that requires treatment with implants.
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